Coming to NAMM 2011, the inHEAD acoustic/electronic hybrid drumhead by Miditronix and Aquarian Drumheads will give the drummer the ability to have the best of both worlds- great sounding acoustic drums and the power and the control that comes with triggering electronic drum sound modules.

You play your drums your way; no sacrificing your technique or adjusting your playing style to accommodate the unnatural feel of an electronic  practice pad. The inHEAD let's you play YOUR acoustic drums and access YOUR electronic drum module with no unwanted crosstalk, double triggering or loss of low end sensitivity.



Imagine, practicing in silence in the morning in your living room, then playing the great looking and awesome sounding acoustic kit of your dreams at an afternoon rehearsal or jam session. Later that night, shake the walls of the club and make them dance with your custom hybrid acoustic/electronic sounding kit.  And here is the cool part, they are played on that very same set of drums... the kit you already own!

The secret is IN the head. The innovative, patent pending inHEAD technology allows the drum and head to vibrate naturally in order to get a great, controlled acoustic sound while sensing every stroke, no matter how light, and then sending clean, accurate triggering signals to your favorite drum module. The inHEAD coupled with its companion, inBOX let's your electronic Drum Module perform like it never has before!

Reinforce your sound without using microphones. Create NEW hybrid acoustic /electronic drum and percussion sounds that are all YOUR own.. Move air and Feel what you play without extensive monitoring. You are the drummer; take control of your performance!  And when you want to have quiet practice, or when it's time to record with only electronic sounds, throw on a special set of inHEAD mutes and use as a traditional electronic pad set.

This product will give the drummer the tools that are needed to not only enter the world of the digital drum, it will open up new doors for drumming expression and creativity!

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