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Mario J. DeCiutiis

inHEAD® FSR/Acoustic Drum Head

Chicopee, MA January 5, 2011 MIDItroniX

Since the beginning of E-drumming, now decades old, it has always been the ultimate desire for the acoustic drummer to play on real acoustic drum heads, with the sound, sensitivity and feel of a real drum head, but still use the power of MIDI for different sounds, recording sequences, sound reinforcement, etc.

MIDItroniX is proud to offer to the drum community the inHEAD® (patent pending), the world's first, real acoustic electronic hybrid drum head. Manufactured and distributed by Aquarian Drumheads, this truly exciting and innovative product will be introduced at January NAMM 2011 with availability in the Spring of 2011. The inHEAD® will be available in standard drum sizes for the entire kit.

Drummers and percussionists will now, finally have the choice of actually playing their acoustic instruments without the need for rubber pads, mesh heads and inconsistent piezo triggers. The inHEAD® offers real acoustic triggering in a real acoustic head. Can't feel any better than that!

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MIDItroniX was cofounded in 2008 by the inventor and pioneer of FSR technology, Franklin Eventoff and Mario DeCiutiis, President of Alternate Mode Inc. Looking to reinvent and improve electronic drums and percussion, a team of brilliant software, hardware, mechanical engineers, CAD designers and others have been assembled to rethink literally every aspect of E-drumming. Soon, the next generation of pads, controllers, hybrids and pedals will be available through MIDItroniX and OEM partners.

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