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NAMM 2011 Press Release


MIDItroniX, and what it means to YOU...

In December of 2008, a new company was founded. The inventor of FSR technology, Franklin Eventoff and Mario DeCiutiis from Alternate Mode joined forces with the goal to reinvent electronic drums and percussion.

A team of brilliant software and hardware engineers along with CAD designers, mechanical engineers and others were brought together to rethink literally every aspect of E-drumming. We are excited that this last year has brought us new and innovative concepts.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars has been invested and soon you will be seeing the next generation of pads, controllers, hybrids, e-pedals and hihats. You might not see MIDItroniX or Alternate Mode as the brand name, as we have created OEM models for our products. But you will see an amazing assortment of new products that will dazzle you in the coming months and years ahead.

Everything from the next generation of sensors, capable of capturing the widest dynamic range imaginable, to a real evolution of feel on pads and a new line of intuitive MIDI controllers will soon be made available to the public.

Please excuse us for not disclosing all of the details of our new adventures. Patents are underway and we need to protect our OEM partners.